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An inspiration-Twinkle,Twinkle remix


Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

who are you  n wht you are.

Up above the world so high,

how cum u always seems so bright.

When the blazing sun is gone,

i feel unsafe n alone ,

Then you show your little light,

giving me hope all the nightt.

Then the traveller in the dark,

just like the Noah’s Ark,

He could not see which way to go,

u told m how to grow.

In the dark blue sky you keep,

And in my heart…………very deep,

For you never shut your eye,

always keeping my spirit high.

As your bright and tiny spark,

Lights the traveller in the dark.

Though I know not what you are,

Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

Still I wonder what you are.

Still I wonder what you are.




Kuch khawab hai aankhon mein

Jo ladakte rehte hai

Itne jatan kare nikalne ke

Phir bhi wahin base hai

Ziddi hai bade mante hi nahi hai

Kehte hai hamara pura dyaan rakho

hum kabhi kisi sone nahi dete hai

Humne bhi kaha chalo yeh bhi kar ke dhekhte hai

Sabke saath inka bhi baat maan lete hai

Tabhi taqdeer boli mein ruthi hun mujhe manana hai

Mere aage sabhi ne sir jhukana hai

Khawab bole humme itne honsle hai

Zidd par aa jaaye to khuda bhi jhuk jaate hai

Phir Tera kya hai

tu to waise bhi badlti rehti hai

hum se tum ho ,tujhse se hum nahi

tu to bas ek aasan bahana hai

jo hare hue logon ne sunana hai

taqdeer boli nhi chalne dungi kaafila khawabon ka

dagar ab hai aur kathin,manzil dur hai

tera honsla past karna hi ab mera kaam hai

tu nahi jaanti mera naam kitna badnaam hai

kashmakash chalti rahi,ashk behte rahe

khawab aaj bhi wahi hai aur humein jagaye hue hai



Can u see m there in the sky

Flying high n higher

Reaching to clouds ,talking to rain

Why u made all our efforts in vain

Farmers needs u for their crop

Don’t shatter their hope

Children want to play in ur showers

Forgetting cold,n fever

Toddlers still don’t know ur meaning

They still have to learn thunder n lightening

Your first showers makes everyone nostalgic

That’s wht u create is magic

Some remembers his childhood days

Making splash , boats n their race

Some remembers his first love

And That feeling is far above

Rainbows paint the sky with their seven hues

It feels like in heaven’s cruise

Though there r some who dislikes you

But those r only few

Don’t think about them

Coz we all love u

remembering childhood


those were the days when we were together
those were the days when we promised to be frens for ever
those were the days when we gave a damn about other
those were the days when nothing else matter
those were the days when we started learning the meaning of life
those were the days when we dont had to think twice
those were the days when we fought with each other
those were the days when we missed each other
those were the days when every mistake was forgive n forgotten
those were the days when our mind n heart were like cotton
those were the days when we could say anything we want
those were the days when nobody used adjective:flaunt
those were the days when we want to grow up quickly
those were the days when we dreamt more oftenly
those were the days when we lived for ourselves
those were the days when we pampered ourselves
time passed,things changed
one that feeling was still the same
to do all those things which were once forbidden
to relive the childhood once again.

a smile :)


still remember the day i met u
it was ur eyes that hooked m for a while
that gleam,that excitment
which can be seen from a mile
before u,ur eyes determines the semblance
ur eyes tells everything in a glance
those moments of eyes r Bona fide 
truth or lie that couldnt be hide
u may not know, ur eyes reflects ur thought
that can be decipher esily,without asking or sought
still remember ,when u smile
laugh lines r as big ,they can reach eyes
but dont know where all the spark has gone
like u havent smile since long
want to see the same u as it was
as it is not that there was not a moment to laugh
smile as it is contagious
smile as it is precious
smile as it is everything
smile as there is nothing
smile for urself,smile for other
smile as there is nothing to bother
smile every season
smile without reason
'keep smiling' that's the only thing i wish
twish twish twish twish twish
(sorry nothing else was cuming in my mind with wish...........so :) )


(this is in hindi language)

Kin lawjo mein byan karun in lawjo ki haqequat
--kyun itna sanaata hota hai 
e-dil aakhir tu kyun rota hai har 

kiski ko mukamal jahan nahi milta 
---koi yeh to koi who khota hai 
e-dil tu aakhir kyun rota hai 

mat tadpa khud ko itna ki har chahat dur ho jaaye 
mat puch harpal ---jo hua who kyun hota hai 
e-di laakhir tu kyun rota hai
khud se bhi pyaar kar thoda ki who tujhe khudgarz kahe 
itna achcha tu kyun hota hai 
e-dil aakhir tu kyun rota hai






O pills ! u remind m of life
so coloful n in different shape n size
u taste bitter n sweet
just like the way life greet
i meet u again n again
as u r the only companion in my pain
u r like tru fren,when life is in danger
u kill urself,u r true saviuor
though u tell me the biggest truth of life
ppl believe in use n strife
but,plz dont take me wrong
i cannt make u my fren for lifelong
i know laughing will keep us apart
but that helps me to make a fresh start
sum ppl or docs r may be ur fan
for m, u better remain with ur clan
i dont want u to rise from nowhere
it’s ur smell,i want to feel sum fresh air
ur aroma is so nauseactic
it just make m more sick
so plz stay away from me,my family n my frends
hope u wont mind n plz NO OFFENDS