Monthly Archives: October 2014



Can u see m there in the sky

Flying high n higher

Reaching to clouds ,talking to rain

Why u made all our efforts in vain

Farmers needs u for their crop

Don’t shatter their hope

Children want to play in ur showers

Forgetting cold,n fever

Toddlers still don’t know ur meaning

They still have to learn thunder n lightening

Your first showers makes everyone nostalgic

That’s wht u create is magic

Some remembers his childhood days

Making splash , boats n their race

Some remembers his first love

And That feeling is far above

Rainbows paint the sky with their seven hues

It feels like in heaven’s cruise

Though there r some who dislikes you

But those r only few

Don’t think about them

Coz we all love u




in khwabon ka koi aks nahi
aaina bhi nahi jaanta,na pehchanta
jaanta hai bas chehra
lekin muskurahat nahi manta
kaise samjhaye aaine ko ki yeh sach hai
lekin aaina bhi aankhon ka rasta hai jaanta
sach kya hai woh bhi jaanta hai aur mein bhi
BAS! hans deta hai,shayad, bolna nahi chahta