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(this is in hindi language)

Kin lawjo mein byan karun in lawjo ki haqequat
--kyun itna sanaata hota hai 
e-dil aakhir tu kyun rota hai har 

kiski ko mukamal jahan nahi milta 
---koi yeh to koi who khota hai 
e-dil tu aakhir kyun rota hai 

mat tadpa khud ko itna ki har chahat dur ho jaaye 
mat puch harpal ---jo hua who kyun hota hai 
e-di laakhir tu kyun rota hai
khud se bhi pyaar kar thoda ki who tujhe khudgarz kahe 
itna achcha tu kyun hota hai 
e-dil aakhir tu kyun rota hai






O pills ! u remind m of life
so coloful n in different shape n size
u taste bitter n sweet
just like the way life greet
i meet u again n again
as u r the only companion in my pain
u r like tru fren,when life is in danger
u kill urself,u r true saviuor
though u tell me the biggest truth of life
ppl believe in use n strife
but,plz dont take me wrong
i cannt make u my fren for lifelong
i know laughing will keep us apart
but that helps me to make a fresh start
sum ppl or docs r may be ur fan
for m, u better remain with ur clan
i dont want u to rise from nowhere
it’s ur smell,i want to feel sum fresh air
ur aroma is so nauseactic
it just make m more sick
so plz stay away from me,my family n my frends
hope u wont mind n plz NO OFFENDS

wht makes woman so?!


a day of my childhood

Today I noticed routine of mom

I really don’t ,where that energy came from

In the morning she was arguing with the vendor

As he didnt give extra,n that was a blunder

Next moment she was talking on the phone

If send to competition, she could surely win any extempore

In the evening she went for shopping with a list

N returned with a twist

She was carrying lots of polythene

i asked where r the listed things

she excitedly replied,there was sale going on

then i couldnt dare to ask more

I got irritated with those mohalla gossips

Pleas someone get m out of this

I don’t understand y she is like this

Cannt she b different ,like m or my sis?


a day in ,20011

Yesterday I was noticing my routine

And it appeared as same scene

I was laughing at m to do the same things

Am I changed or was always like this

I thought deeply on this change

I realized it’s not normal wonan’s nature

It’s time ,that makes u a stranger

Now I know the reasons for all those actions

I relate all this to psychological reaction

Now I enjoy shopping a lot

Not coz I have extra to spend

Let’s feel happiness ,that’s the thought

Today ppl call m chatterbox, I can gossip,i can talk on phone

Coz I don’t find anyone whole day long

I feel depressed sometimes in this four walls

I want to see the world ,that’s all

Though I have changed myself for others

But still for few minutes I want to be me not another

Every women live a dual life in one span

One for herself n one as other plan

ppl don’t realize that wht she is going thru

When living ur way

Afterall she is also human, and she too feel the same

how to write!




sumtimes i wonder why i’m writing

i’m just another person like other livings

i think the same ,i feel the same

we all r no different,but, face n name

yet i write my thought here

either my lips r sealed or there is no one to hear

i like to express myself like thi

as this art is a bliss

i dont have to explain myself very clearly

n those who understand r very dearly

it give me freedom to write satire

whether it’s on a peron or world entire

others think it’s very difficult to write

n those who writes ,very bright

let m tell u my dear frens

it’s as easy as loving ur dear ones

it’s just u have to feel from ur heart

then just take a paper n pen, n just start

When? n Why?


Even after so many years of independence

There is so much ignorance

Women r still treated as a thing

And men as ‘The King’

What if a man had supported the girl to elope

Would the punishment be the same?

What the Police and other ppl doing?

Or the manpower is everything

I wish there would be such party or politician

Who just don’t work for party

but also work on women’s condition

Is it justified to strip a women n then a parade

don’t they have a slight humanity or it got fade

does it matter she helped or not

but ,being a woman is surely her fault

will ever our society get changed

if not ,then start digging women’s grave

ray of hope


Heavenly rays

this is the evening i always wait for

when the trees n plants move to n fro

when the cool wind blow

that made m shiver from head to toe

this remind m of days when i stood on terrace all alone

feeling the wind in titanic pose

one deep breath n its there all in my veins

it made my senses go sane

wind told m ,u can b gentle ,u can b insane,

just b urself ,then ppl will feel the change

make the way like i do,

if u r determined u’ll go thru

i heard him n stared at the black night sky,

try to look for the stars,try to find the ray

the ray of hope ,the ray of light

that after this black night there will b new life

all of a sudden i saw a star,shining bright

telling m not to afraid,i’m there to show u the path with my light ,

may b its not enough for u ,but enough to feel,enough to proceed

i was always there but clouds hide m for moments few

just like ur faith,ur courage which u forgot for now but is always there in u



Can u see m there in the sky
Flying high n higher
Reaching to clouds ,talking to rain
Why u made all our efforts in vain
Farmers needs u for their crop
Don’t shatter their hope
Children want to play in ur showers
Forgetting cold,n fever
Toddlers still don’t know ur meaning
They still have to learn thunder n lightening
Your first showers makes everyone nostalgic
That’s wht u create is magic
Some remembers his childhood days
Making splash , boats n their race
Some remembers his first love
And That feeling is far above
Rainbows paint the sky with their seven hues
It feels like in heaven’s cruise
Though there r some who dislikes you
But those r only few
Don’t think about them
Coz we all love u